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Sub-Plan 1Optimizing sources of student of practical talents to forge practical skills of creation.
NKUHT is a high-level professional institution in Taiwan of the cultivation of H&T talents in related industries. So the school shall have more fore-seeing and comprehensive cultivation of students for the purpose of incubating excellent H&T elites with practical skills, theoretical knowledge, local consciousness, international view and humanistic care. H&T industry is blooming in Taiwan and has gradually become one of the important industries driving economic growth and employment of citizen. This sub-plan shall follow up the previous outcome and integrate the idea of "Optimizing sources of student and cultivation of talents by forging their skills" into practice courses and creation for better connections with development demand of H&T industry in the future.
Since freshman year in college, Life Education of students shall be paid attention to. Freshmen should be guided to develop multi-aspect independent thinking and anti-pressure abilities. Self-management abilities of students shall also be reinforced in order to develop a proper attitude of living and improve the adaption of freshmen into a group life and learning environment with peers to achieve cohesion of boardres' friendship. Besides, through the mechanism of teaching assistants, lecturing professors can be assisted to conduct teaching activities and students can be tutored after class which will improve understanding of difficult lessons and students shall be encouraged to form self-learning communities in an attempt to lifting atmosphere of learning. Then the teaching quality of faculty and learning performance of students shall be advanced, and professional knowledge of H&T can be enhanced to grow effectively. Also via the combination of formal courses and community services, Students shall be offered with opportunities of real learning environment for them to care for social fairness and justice by utilizing professional knowledge-abilities of H&T. It is also the effective way to highly elevate the public impression of NKUHT and strengthen practice courses. Students shall also be educated to cultivate service spirits and humanistic care for societies of vulnerable groups. Moreover, candidates of contests will be selected out of students and then be well trained to proactively participate in international contests and competitions in hope that students' creativity, and abilities of trouble shooting and innovation can be initiated through courses of training activities. Meanwhile, the corporate internship mechanism of "Learning by doing" can be strengthened. NKUHT along with quality enterprises of H&T have jointly promote an Elite Internship System. The promotion of Elite Internship System is counting on students with good morality, service spirits, love for H&T, and leadership characteristics to be qualified for the demands from enterprises for leading elite talents.
Consequently this plan not only chooses enterprises with quality internship environment as cooperative objects but also emphasizes on deepening career exploration of students, optimizing cultivation of morality, experiencing workplace, developing career path, training of leaders, and participations in competitions for better skills...etc so as to trigger students' love for H&T careers and to lift their morality, abilities, and service spirits as the basis of deepening elite internship. By means of above plans, multi-aspect independent thinking and anti-pressure ability can be developed for students to become global citizens with "Self-Confidence, Vigorousness, Creativity, and Dreams".

Sub-Plan 2Integration of creation and featured instruction to cultivate elite talent of industry.
The base of an excellent technical university consists in "Technology Orientation", "Practice Orientation", "Certificate Orientation", and "Employment Orientation". Through courses of practical orientations, professional talents needed by industrial development can be cultivated to achieve the teaching objectives of "Being Pragmatic and Usable" and "Unity of Theory and Application". In view of the fact that practice courses are the key footstone to ensue students' practice, implementation, and employment abilities, foreign language abilities are necessary for students to be connected with the world. Humanistic care and international view of student must be boosted. The integrated practice courses and creation can generate stronger links to development requirements of Hospitality and Tourism industry in the future. That's why this plan is characterized with 5 major features of "On basis of practice", "Advance of profession", "Integration of courses", "Creativity oriented", and "Employment advantage" and has strengthened practice-oriented courses to cultivate quality talent for industry. The 4 goals for this plan to be accomplished are(1) Simulation operation is integrated with education with which provides students internship experiences before employment, and real learning results of students can be displayed for students and faculty to improve professional skills and values of H&T expertise.2Regard it as purposes to cultivate totally skillful talents with H&T attainment, creative thinking, and innovative practice capabilities, and carry on promoting featured teaching of creativity and innovation to realize 3 creative goals of thinking, practice and foundation of industry-academy. All-around trainings shall be provided for professionals of H&T to forge quality talents of industry.3Through dual-teacher mode instruction of industry and synergy teaching of industry-academy co-structure to shorten the gap from book to application and broaden vision of instruction. The practical teaching of faculty shall be enhanced and learning content of students can be enriched.4For the purpose of cultivating H&T talents required by industry, training courses for talents at academic institution have been programmed together with industry for students to have stronger connections with industrial chains. And the win-win goal between academy and industry can be achieved because students can be employed right after graduation.

Sub-Plan 3Multiple foreign language abilities must be enhanced to deepen containment of international citizen.
In the developing trend of H&T to become international, the improvement of foreign language abilities such as English and others has been regarded as an important task to adapt the waves of globalization. In response to the dynamic changes of globalized society and economic aspects, it has become a new direction for cultivation of students to improve their language abilities so that they could become the talents to be employed in the future after reinforced themselves with 4 abilities of English, expertise, employment, and mobility. And needs of talents by enterprises located in prosperous ASEAN markets can be satisfied in cooperation with promotion of "Southern Policy" by government. Learning of multi-languages by students shall be proactively strengthened, and friendly international campus environment shall be carried out as well so the opportunities and resources of international interchange of students and faculty can be facilitated. Students and faculty of NKUHT are also encouraged to go abroad for sakes of international voluntary work and interchange of academic cultures in order to broaden their international view.
This sub-plan is to construct the following 4 objectives and extended execution plans:(1Strengthen foreign language abilities of H&T and deeply lay the foundation of international employment abilities. 2Sep up courses of multiple languages to cultivate talents of Southern Policy.3Proactively recruit students of foreign nationalities to build friendly international campus.4Promote fusion of diversified cultures and develop view of international citizen. Hopefully through the developing strategies of "Top-Notch Elites on Solid Basis", "Fruit in Global", and "Features of School". By carrying out each extension plan, the constructing goal of supplement each other and gradually impeccable features of school internalization can be accomplished.
Sub-Plan 4Build a platform for international interchange to be connected with overseas internship and employment.
During the recent years, trends of globalization and internationalization have entirely impacted the competitiveness of every country. International development must be done actively and proactively outwards. The trend of education internationalization is getting obvious. Not merely cultivating local talents but also recruiting outstanding foreign students can be helpful in mastering sources of human capital for the country. Flow of talents has significant influence on society's creation and production of knowledge, promotion of productivity, economic benefits, and international competitiveness. NKUHT based on the development orientation of "Root in Local, Fruit in Global" to consolidate the school management philosophy of humanization, professionalization, enterprization, and internationalization, and build a progressive viewpoint of "More Containment, More Independence. More Open, More Beauty". As a result, the main thoughts of this plan is to create an international learning environment of H&T with diversified cultural interchanges, to combine opportunities and resources of international interchanges at campus and off-campus, to refine the courses' features of overseas internship and studies, and to cultivate professional talents of H&T with global view and international-level expertise. This sub-plan is the extended plan to construct the following 4 goals and their execution of plan(1)Establish counterpart sister school of respective department and promote overseas interchanges of researches and studies. (2)Consolidate overseas internship base to expand internship and employment abroad. (3)Strengthen Union of International H&T to master the pulse of the industry. (4)Introduce internationally certified courses to generate advantages of international competitiveness. Hopefully through the developing strategies of "Top-Notch Elites on Solid Basis", "Fruit in Global", and "Features of School". By carrying out each extension plan, the constructing goal of supplement each other and gradually impeccable features of school internalization can be accomplished.
Sub-Plan 5Consolidate diversified promotion system and overturn performance of practical teaching.
The Teaching Excellence Program of NKUHT in 2017 was deployed on the basis of execution results of 2016 academic year from establishment of system to consolidation of mechanism and refining of content. The foundation of faculty will be developed will carry on to be deeply strengthened. By means of diversified growth researches & studies and professional social communities of faculty, practice oriented studies with industry, guidance for teachers to produce digital teaching materials and obtain certificate of related digital courses, providing faculty with publication services and channels, shorten the gap between faculty's classes and researches, and adding values to faculty's practical abilities and creation capacities in hope that seeded teachers of English education can be cultivated to enhance instructing methods of English courses as well as teaching skills and quality of English teaching by faculty can be upgraded to increase interactive communication effectiveness with students. Outstanding in-service teachers shall be rewarded in order to elevate the entire practice teaching and cooperation capacities of industry-academy. Continuously the legacy counseling services will be promoted for junior teachers to inherit quality teaching knowledge-abilities from senior ones. The promotion of diversified level-promotion system of faculty shall be carried on so as to construct more flexible promotion channels with diversified values and guide teachers with professional features of H&T experiences of practical teaching and technology applications to level up their expertise development via the diversified level-promotion system. Finally the diversified sense of values at NKUHT can be promoted and established.

Sub-Plan 6Establish a team of green food security to lay the foundation of local sustainable industries.
From old times, catering industry has indispensible connections with hygienic security and agriculture. Some relevant domestic food industries have started seeking healthful and natural delicate food materials such as organic rice and sweet potatoes...etc which are conforming to environment protection and sustainability with higher acceptability by food markets. The tasks of low carbon emissions and environment protection are highly emphasized and sightseeing industry of H&T shall learn how to be associated with development of sustainable environment. Besides, creation of green energy environment at campus, more teachers are much more needed to do researches regarding green industry for the education of students with proper concepts. At the same time, during recent years government has proactively promoting diversified development of leisure agriculture and designed a variety of mechanism for agriculture creativity in hope that agriculture can be integrated with the school's H&T characteristics for the utilization of sightseeing leisure design to enable better understanding of students on practical conditions of leisure agriculture.
Under development of sightseeing industry for national economy, Smart Sightseeing is the important development trend in sightseeing markets. Evidence shows how important it is for advanced technologies to be integrated with tourism. NKUHT has introduced advanced technical facilities to be utilized in related courses and teachings of Smart Sightseeing and Experience Tourism to establish aviation affairs simulation equipment to optimize practical teaching capacities for the elevation of teaching capacities in response to the dynamic changes of H&T education and requirements of internationalization. NKUHT shall assist faculty of H&T to advance their expertise capabilities to connect with the world by spirits of the policy "Glocalization" and "Locality Globalization" so as to enhance our students' and faculty's abilities in globalized society with improved international viewpoint and competitiveness.




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