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Organization Structure and Management Evaluation Mechanism promoted by NKUHT

For the purpose of improving NKUHT's execution performance of the Plan for Promoting Excellence Teaching of Universities of MOE, ensuring execution quality of the entire plan, and achievement of vision, a systematic mechanism of project control and evaluation is much-needed to be build in hope that resources inside and outside the school can be integrated effectively so as to smoothly deploy work items of every sub-plan and ensure performance of execution. Therefore, NKUHT has set up related mechanisms of management and evaluation, and off-campus representatives of industries, government bureaus, and academies have been invited for their comments. Resources of administration and teaching expertise of school have been consolidated in order to establish objective indictors conforming to professional institution of H&T.
The control mechanism for plan execution established by NKUHT consists of a 3- layer organization of "Project Execution Unit", "Promotion & Supervision Unit", and "Performance Evaluation Unit". The work planning and execution of every sub-plan is handled by "Project Execution Unit". And "Promotion & Supervision Unit" is composed of persons in charge of every sub-plan. Then "Academic Vice Principal Office" and "Teaching Excellence Program Control & Evaluation Office" will take charge in the control of schedules, expenditures and performances of results. Besides, "The Quality Management Committee of Teaching Excellence Program" which is composed of scholastic and off-campus shall focus on goals and benefits of the entire program execution and conduct all-around supervision and evaluation. The control mechanism of program schedule is shown as follows

(1) Mechanism of Program Execution
     Either undertakers of sub-plans or execution units shall be responsible for the stipulation of detailed execution plans including action plans, schedules, and compilations of budgets...etc before execution according to plans and timetables. Periodically execution reports of progress and self-evaluations of results shall be submitted. A conference of work execution is scheduled to be held every 2 weeks.
 (2) Mechanism of Program Supervision
      The execution of every sub-plan shall be carried out after the periodical coordination meetings of sub-plan work to be hosted by persons in charge of each sub-plan for supervision & improvement of execution performance and regular submissions of related work progress reports. Every associated unit and office shall play the roles of consultation and goalkeeper by providing assistances and advices so as to make sure the program can be executed in accordance with relevant procedures and processes. Furthermore, "Teaching Excellence Program Control & Evaluation Office" is established to be solely responsible for consolidating work of program operations and budget control. A high-level control conference is scheduled to be held every month.
(3) Mechanism of Program Evaluation
     The evaluation mechanism of this program is conducted at 2 phases of self evaluation and general evaluation. First the execution unit of this program shall periodically focus on the achievement benefits of every indicator and carry on self evaluation report. Then off-campus experts and scholars shall be summoned to form "The Quality Management Committee of Teaching Excellence Program at NKUHT" for the general evaluation report of overall execution objectives and benefits including paper reviews, field surveys, and review meetings...etc so as to ensure the execution performance of program. A general evaluation review by committee is scheduled to be conducted every 6 months.


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