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Abstract of 2017 Annual Plan

As the first professional institution of H&T (hereinafter refer to as "H&T") education in Taiwan, NKUHT regards "Root in Local, Fruit in Global" as its orientation. This school has developed and become "The Cradle of H&T Elites" due to its managerial philosophy of humanization, specialization, enterprization, and internationalization. In 2000, the school restructured to become an university and proactively dedicated itself in transition by strengthening industry-academy cooperation, establishing professional features, and lifting research capacity of faculty on the path to being "The Key Partner of H&T Enterprises". Since the restructuration to be renamed NKUHT in 2000, the school has established 4 major colleges which are School of Hospitality Management, School of Tourism, School of Culinary Arts, and International School to in-depth develop industry-academy cooperation and characteristics of international development. Glocalization has been consolidated in hope that NKUHT may become "The New Role Model of H&T Education" and can be forged into the best leading, innovative, and fast-growing university as well as the Utopia of H&T Education in Asia.
         interschool interchanges with sister schools but also consolidated the interchanges of research and studies in between so as to achieve close interchanges of academy and talents and to cooperate with Southern Policy of government for the purpose of cultivating multilingual talents of H&T and joining the social networks of school students and graduates abroad in an attempt to assisting the interchanges of talents between NKUHT and international industries, and enhancing the global reputation of The Union of International H&T. Meanwhile, hopefully the international humanistic perspective of students can be developed by means of diverse fusion of multiple cultures. On the aspect of faculty's professional knowledge of teaching and practical teaching performance, NKUHT not merely emphasizes on professional competence of faculty but also encourages faculty by rewarding acquisition of digital course certifications so as to popularize English-taught abilities and certifications of faculty. By utilizing advanced technical facilities and promoting international H&T certifications of faculty, practical and international teaching capabilities of faculty can be improved. In the mean time, The Education of Green Hospitality & Tourism, cultivation of food security talents, and management mechanism can be promoted as well. Teachers' practice of industry & academy and cooperative capacities shall be lifted. The sustainable development of local industry can be rooted.


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